Does Your Hair Grow Unevenly? The Causes And How To Combat It

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If you are in the hair growing business and you have curly hair, you might notice that one side of your hair is longer than the other, and you might wonder why and what you could possibly be doing to cause it.

At first thought you might say that it must be based on bad hair practices and that the reason you are not retaining length in one area is because you are directly affecting that area some how.

In this post we want to take a critical look at uneven hair growth in curly hair and figure out what we can do about it.

What is uneven hair growth and what causes it?

Put simply it is when one side of your hair or one section of your hair is growing at a slower pace than the other. This can be confused with choppy areas where you might be experiencing severe breakage but know the difference between just plain uneven growth and breakage.

Breaking and split ends look dry, and in need of care, when one side of your hair is just shorter than the other, all of the hair on one side will still be healthy and even just not as long as the other side would appear.

The causes of uneven hair growth vary, it can be based on what you eat, your stress level, a bad hair practice or good old genetics. To determine where you fall, look at your hair care first, if your hair is healthy, look at your lifestyle and stress level then check with mom or dad to see what there thoughts are on it and how their hair grows.

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