5 Hair Rinses For Blondes

Photo courtesy Naturallycurly.com / PICTURED @LORRAINE_SD

Hair rinsing is an effective way to maintain your curly hair. But since blonde hair (both natural and color-treated) tends to react differently to other ingredients, hair rinses are usually avoided. Once going lighter, it is important to take extra steps to really maintain the color and condition of your hair after washes. 

These hair rinses are blonde-hair friendly, filled with nourishing antioxidants and free from any chemicals or preservatives that might chemically alter the state of your hair color. Use these rinses after cleansing your hair and in place of the usual rinse-out conditioner. You can find these ingredients in the herbs and tea section of your local grocery store.

Linden-Flower Rinse
Blonde hair can be very prone to dryness and Linden-Flower is perfect for dealing with this. The Linden-Flower rinse will help to promote growth and strengthen the hair.

BOIL 2 tablespoons of linden-flowers and simmer until cool. Strain the mixture and add to a spray bottle. Use the rinse after washing your hair and massage into the scalp.

You can find the remaining rinses over at Naturallycurly.com


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