My DevaCut: What I learned & What I Loved

My DevaCut: What I learned & What I Loved

I have had a few bad haircuts while I was relaxed. Who hasn’t? It goes with the territory that if you grow hair on your head you will eventually be on the receiving end of a bad haircut. Well, hair grows back so no worries for most of us, but it seems like a big deal if you are a curly girl and get a bad haircut. Yes, hair grows back but have you seen what a bad haircut can do? Our curls are tricky and if you cannot cut them just right the haircut will reflect that, so I was scared. I knew the DevaCut was a proven technique and even went to the NaturallyCurly Salon Finder to find the right stylist in my area.

I found Tiffany, master stylist and educator, at a local Beauty Brands and was excited about getting the cut by someone with much experience. She sat me down and explained everything she was going to do from start to finish. She also explained she was going to cut first but very conservatively, as she wanted to see how my hair would lay after she washed and styled before cutting more if I wanted it or if the hair needed it. She cut, talked, and appeased my inquisitive sister. My sister could immediately see a difference in my hair, especially in the back because I no longer had fairy knots.

After the cut she shampooed and explained everything she was doing including adding a masque before she shampooed with DevaCurl No-Poo. She applied a gel/cream mix to my hair lightly to allow movement and then put me under the dryer for a less than ten minutes. When I was done she applied the controlling oils to a few strands that were really frizzy and before I knew it I was done. Although the finished look was frizzy due to the products, I was impressed with the shape of my hair and the lack of raggedy ends. My hair was softer and looked better with the new cut.

My DevaCut: What I learned & What I Loved

What she used

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