DIY Hair Gel Using The Best Ingredients For Slip & Fighting Frizz

DIY Hair Gel Using The Best Ingredients For Slip & Fighting Frizz. It's time to make your own hair gel and we've got the top ingredients to make the best!

We love slip, and many naturals love hair gel. What makes for optimal curls and kinks quite often means what ingredients you are using to give hair maximum moisture and hold without flaking and dryness. Is that even possible? Yup, it sure is when you have the right stuff. While there is a huge market of hair gels, some naturals opt for creating their own and what is needed is some pretty gooey stuff to ensure you get all the slip you need. The biggest ingredient for massive slip is mucilage.

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What is mucilage?
Mucilage is a gelatinous substance. It is a viscous, soluble fiber that is produced from certain plants. Upon contact with water the substance will increase in volume and maintain a layer of moisture in the plant (or in our case to hair). Mucilage is one of the ingredients that makes a product slippery and we love slippery products because they help to reduce tension when unraveling tangles, snarls, snags, and knots. They also ensure frizz is kept at bay so this is a win/win ingredient. Let’s find out the best of hte best ingredients that have massive mucilage and create amazing DIY hair gels.

Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel comes from the aloe vera plant. It has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and is grown in tropical climates worldwide. Aloe vera is commonly used as a moisturizer for skin and hair and it helps to trap moisture and lock it in. It also helps with scalp healing, restoring hair’s pH levels, decreasing frizz, and improving detangling sessions.

Flaxseed gel

Flaxseed or linseeds are a rich source of micronutrients, fiber, manganese, and essential fatty acid omega-3. The golden and brown flaxseeds have similar profiles. Flaxseed gel is created by boiling and then straining the flaxseeds. Besides nourishing hair, flaxseed gel leaves hair soft, shiny, and moisturized along with giving curls more definition.



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