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5 Harmless Ways To Color Your Natural Hair

5 Harmless Ways To Color Your Natural Hair
Photo courtesy of @muchmorethanbeauty

Changing your hair color is one of the best ways to embrace a new season and a new you without drastic changes. Summer is upon us and so is the desire to experiment with some color but who needs the headache of working with harsh chemicals?  It is possible to keep your curls healthy while looking for gorgeous color that won't break the bank?  It can be done and it can be done by you and not a professional.  It just takes a little know how. 

Hair chalking is an easy, inexpensive and quick way to add amazing color temporary to your strands. All you need is a water bottle, protective gloves and chalk.  Hair chalking is highly effective at achieving a dramatic color change within minutes without the long-term commitment of a chemical dye. 

Simple to use and another inexpensive tool to hair color.  Very similar to hair chalking, eye shadow for hair color is a temporary tool to amazing colors that looks even better when added to the tips of hair like on Mahogany Curls.  To remove just wash your hair.  

5 Harmless Ways To Color Your Natural Hair
Photo coutesy of +MahoganyCurls® 

No natural is a stranger to henna and has at the very least heard about how great it is for coloring as well as conditioning your tresses.  This all natural powder can be used alone or combined with other powders. There are not a range of colors for your hair when using henna but to rid grays and go darker it is often used in conjunction with Indigo (which is mentioned next).  This is much more time-consuming than chalking or using eye-shadow but it will last much longer and all natural.

Indigo is a powder from the ground leaves of the Indigo plant that has a deep blue dye.  It is just as safe as henna and used by naturals in conjunction with Henna to create a darker color eliminating the red color that Henna can give you.  Just like henna, indigo can be time-consuming but it will last much longer than chalking or using eye shadow.  Both are a tad bit messy but users truly love using the combination.

This product is becoming increasing popular among naturals as it is a semi-permanent vegan hair color known for its vibrant colors.  It fades gradually with each shampoo and ready to use with no mixing required.  

So, if you are itching for some color this summer then you have a great list to choose from that won't cause your hair any damage.  Have fun and embrace the vast array of colors to choose from.

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