10 Ways To Make Your Summer Protective Style Last

10 Ways To Make Your Summer Protective Style Last
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Even though the weather has warmed up a bit, many women will still choose to do protective hairstyles in order to give their hair a break from frequent manipulation and from the elements. Protective styles are not only for the cold weather, they can also be done in the warmer season to protect the hair from the sun’s UV rays, humidity, strong wind, and from the scorching summer heat. 

Summer time is also a season when many people will fill up their schedules with outdoor activities and many other festivities. This means that a lot of women will be busier in the summertime than in any other season. And as a result, they might not have enough time to spend styling their hair as often as they’d like to.

Also, if you tend to travel more in the summer time, you’d probably want to keep your hair in a style that will last you throughout the duration of your trip. This way, your hair won’t be drastically affected by changes in your new environment and schedule. You might be interested in knowing how to maximize your hairstyle so that you can get the most out of the hair growth and length retention benefits of protective styles…

Here are 10 ways that you can retain as much length as possible from a protective style.

1. Make sure you fully detangle your hair before you go get it done.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the stylist combing your hair while it’s dry. Detangling your hair prior to installing a protective style helps to speed up the styling process and it reduces excessive breakage which can happen when the hair is manipulated in its dry state.

2. Be patient and gentle when you or your stylist is installing the protective style.

…so that you don’t end up with split ends which can reduce the amount of length that you retain.

3. Remind the stylist to not pull too tightly on your scalp.

Tight hairstyles are not only painful and uncomfortable, they can also be damaging to the hair follicles. This can affect your hair growth potential and result in bald patches around your edges and in different sections of the scalp.

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