Why We LOVE Crochet Braids

Why We LOVE Crochet Braids

So like many other women there is a sort of fascination with
hair in many ways. This fascination may be either the presence or absence of
hair. But even on shaven heads women love to consider themselves as chic. Well
let me proclaim there is a ‘new’ chic fascination rising here in the Caribbean.
This does not mean it is new overall but its popularity is surely increasing. 

Yes women are finding crochet braids more versatile. Some persons just desire
to experience something new (fad). However there are benefits to do this new do
on the block.

Why Try Crochet Braids

First if you are trying to grow your hair, that is increase
length retention, crochet braids is said to be the way to go. The reason being that the hair
is resting (no combing). Also it is a protective style which means your ends
are not exposed and scalp maintenance is possible via: oiling, massaging and
even cleansing with apple cider vinegar on a cotton swab.

Secondly, there is the styling versatility. Crochet styles
can last up to three months (experience here) without locking or matting. It
can be worn straight, curly or in an Afro for all the sisters of colour who are
challenged with detangling. In addition, crochet styles also include hair that
is ombre so you do not need to worry about hair damage to achieve colour. There
is the knot-less version that has a more natural appeal as though it is your own

Why We LOVE Crochet Braids

Why We LOVE Crochet Braids

What is the edge of crochet braids over sew in? 
Will it soon
fade back to normality? The prices for crochet styles are far higher than
sew-in weaves by at least $1000 JD or $10 USD. The cost of the hair is also of
greater expense being $400 to $800 JD or $4 to $8 USD per pack. The reality is
that usually no less than three packs are needed letting the average style cost
at minimum $1200 to $2400 JD or $12 to $24 USD for hair alone. 

Well do not get
me wrong, I still love crochet braid and even wore it for my first official
shoot for the United Nations Pageant in the featured picture. So guess what? Try it if you
may and let me know what you think?



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