The Weave Loan Store: This Is Real and Sad

The Weave Loan Store:  This Is Real and Sad

Weave financing?  I am just too outdone but unfortunately this is real and even more saddening is the fact that they will get tons of business and we may see more stores opening up in a city near you.  The lovely city of Detroit is starting this madness with a business that has this to say about the new store:

“It’s estimated that Black women spend a total of half a trillion dollars on our hair annually, so, of course, a business dedicated entirely to financing hair seems like a logical (?) next step,” says the site.

The Weave Loan Store, according to these co-creators, was sparked by what they heard from potential customers who said they would like to purchase quality hair weaves but don’t have the money to afford it. The Weave Loan Store, according to Fred, puts customers in contact with lenders who offer the loans. They insist that they’re just “providing options for customers to better afford weaves.” Fred wanted to make the following clear:

“We’re going to treat our customers with respect. We’ll give them viable options; we won’t be exorbitant. Loans will be reasonable and attainable. We want them to know we’re sensitive to our demographic. We’re not going to disenfranchise our customers.”

The Weave Loan Store is located in the 8 Mile section of Detroit, which Fred says is at a place that attracts customers from across the gamut, urban, suburban, and otherwise.  MadamNoire

I get it, a good weave is expensive but taking it to this level is just asking for weaves to get even pricier and for women to spend thousands of dollars they do not have for a self-damaging depiction of beauty.  Hair does not equate beauty but for many it does and always will.  

Loans should be for necessities and how does a weave fall into that category? Just because it is expensive does not mean it is necessary but if they offer the product then will women begin flocking to the business?  

I think we already know the answer to that question.  My question is how long before other businesses follow suit and will this be just another way to make fun of black women?  Now, I know weaves are worn by all races but you and I BOTH know that we will be the butt of this new joke and I’m not the least bit happy about it.  

Here’s a link to the full story over at MadamNoire

What say you Naturals?  What do you think of this new business?

Shaking my head at this nonsense Naturals,

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