Henna Is Not The Only Natural Powder For Healthier Hair

Henna Is Not The Only Natural Powder For Healthier Hair

Our remarkable planet is rich with natural plants, herbs, water, and even slime that aid in healthy, gorgeous tresses that thrive and remain frizz-free. For over 5,000 years Ayurveda has been India prized in India for health benefits. Ninety percent of the continent’s population uses some form of Ayurveda therapy that is entirely holistic and strives to keep harmony between the mind, body, and spirit while preventing illnesses. Yes, this is the perfect approach for healthy hair and body.

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Amla powder

An Indian gooseberry, amla is the fruit with greenish yellow berries and a fibrous inner texture that grows on the myrobalan-tre, which is native to India and Burma. Phyllanthus emblica is its botanical name and it is harvested by hand in autumn. This fruit with a sour, bitter, and astringent taste has a high vitamin C content, which is excellent for boosting the immune system and the powder is often added to the roots of hair to add strength and shine.

Bhringaraj powder

Also known as Eclipta alba, this herb is an annual, creeping and moisture-loving herb. Bhringarj is the main herb for hair care in Ayurveda. It stops premature graying by retaining the hair’s natural color. Its anti-inflammatory properties function as a scalp exfoliator to rid infections and reduce dandruff. It is most prized for combatting hair loss induced by medical condition and stress.

Brahmi powder

This creeping perennial is native to many parts of the world and most frequently found in tropical regions of the Asian continent. Bacopa monnieri is its botanical name and it is well-known as a hair thickener and possessing rejuvenating properties. Best used in combinations with other popular Ayurvedic powders like amla, bhringarj, shikakai, and neem to aid in strengthening hair’s roots.

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