Want To Stretch Or Elongate Your Curls, Coils & Kinks?

Want To Stretch Or Elongate Your Curls, Coils & Kinks?

Fighting shrinkage is a full-time job with no benefits and rarely any vacations! I have been natural for almost a decade and this problem has got to be one of the biggest gripes, concerns, and nuisance from curlies, naturals, and coilies to date! We want some hang time, and although it is super cute, our hair loves our faces so much it wants to stay close to it. 


Sounds silly? No, not at all especially since there are numerous products on the market that claim to fight shrinkage or elongate our curls. This is a valid concern for many curlies. Here are tips and tricks that we use to elongate our tresses and here are a few that actually work.


  • BANDING– place sectioned hair in ponytails, scrunchies, or hair ties. I use this but with only one or two ponytails and allow to dry around 80% before shaking and fluffing. This gives me some serious hang time with minimal manipulation.
  • BUNNING– this style will help to stretch your roots without disturbing the volume of the rest of the hair.
  • BRAIDING- create as many braids as you like with smaller braids giving less stretch but more definition and for more stretch and less definition use bigger braids.
  • BLOW-DRY– this technique is for the curly who has no qualms about applying heat (no judgment!).  Considered a pretty simple technique as you simply direct the heat to the hair roots and work your way down while holding the hair to help stretch it.

Elongated Wash & Go

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