6 Tips For Easier Transitioning

6 Tips For Easier Transitioning

Are you curious about
going natural, but fear the Big Chop? Do you want to reconnect with your
natural texture without losing length? Luckily, you can transition from
relaxed to natural hair without cutting it all off! With a little time and
patience, you can grow out your relaxed hair to reveal your natural texture. 

Going Natural: You Did the Big Chop, Now What? 

Here are six easy tips
for transitioning naturally – without a drastic cut!

1. Be realistic

Going natural is
exciting and chances are you’d love to see quick results. But the reality is
that is involves a little patience. Stick to your plan for 4 months and then
you’ll be seeing some results. After one year, you’ll be 100% natural beauty!

2. Get excited
about a transitioning style

With your roots being
very different from your ends, it will help you immensely to find some
transitioning hairstyles that make you excited. Try a bantu knot out
or the twist out or great in-between style. 

3. Detangle with

Never try to detangle
dry hair. Detangle when your hair is wet and supple with conditioner. Use a
wide toothed comb and go slow, working from bottom to top.

4. Stick to a
shampoo and conditioner schedule

Depending on your oil
levels, you’ll have to cleanse your scalp every few day to every once a week or
whatever fits your lifestyle. Experiment to see what works for you. After
you’ve cleansed, follow-up with a deep-moisturizing conditioner or hair mask.  

5. Cool it on the

Instead of risking more
damage to your gorgeous locks, ditch the hair dryer or flat iron and air-dry
your hair instead. 

6. Trim your ends

Head to your salon every
6 to 8 weeks for a regular hair trim – using shears, not scissors! Keeping your
hair trimmed will minimize split ends and breakage and keep your hair looking
healthier. Best if done by a professional stylist that you trust. 

Trimming Natural Hair: How to tell it is time for a snip

Good luck! While
transitioning your hair from chemical relaxer to natural can seem like a long
process, the results are well worth it. It will be no time before you’ll be
embracing your natural hair, and wishing you’d made the switch years ago.


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