10 Amazing Conditioners Under $10 & Over 10 oz.

10 Amazing Conditioners Under $10 & Over 10 oz.

Every curly has a favorite conditioner. She may even have a favorite cheapie conditioner that is bigger than a glass of water! Is that important? Of course as we use tons of conditioner on these parched curls. Yes, cheaper and bigger bottles of conditioner are available, and most of them are full of fatty alcohols that provide slip. Price and size is not always an indicator of quality. Sure we love the plush products but most of us are on a budget and need our money to stretch. Struggling college students, mothers, the unemployed…we all have a sob story on why we need to be frugal and honestly it just makes sense. Why spend more if you truly do not need to. I love a sale but I treasure a bargain, so I’ve scoured the internet and the stores to rack up a stellar list of ten great conditioners under $10 and over 10 oz.!  

Disclaimer: this list contains products with silicones. Read what CurlChemist has to say about the Scoop on Silicones

Aussie Moist Conditioner (13.5 oz.)

Water, stearyl alcohol (fatty alcohol), cetyl alcohol (fatty alcohol), Aloe Barbadians leaf extract, and jojoba oil are formulated in this curly girl favorite. If your strands are dying of thirst, then this amazingly priced conditioner will moisturize and quench your hair’s thirst. Get softer curls with the Australian aloe and jojoba oil and say good riddance to dry strands.

Suave Naturals Shampoo, Tropical Coconut (22.5 oz.)

Another favorite among the curlies, it has water, cetearyl alcohol (fatty alcohol), cetrimonium chloride (emulsifier), and distearyldimonium chloride (moisturizing and smoothing properties). You will be able to replenish your hair’s natural beauty with the sweet scent of coconuts with an even sweeter price.

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