Do You Know The Difference Between A Dominican Blowout And A Keratin Treatment?

Do You Know The Difference Between A Dominican Blowout And A Keratin Treatment?

Honestly, I never thought about it and now that I do…what is the actual difference? Is one less harsh than the other, lasts longer or more popular and where do most naturals fall in terms of preferring? Which one will give you sleeker tresses and does hair type matter?  All questions are valid and no need to wonder as I’ve got the answers (from for you!

Dominican Blowout

This popular straightening procedure originates in the Dominican Republic and can be varied to suit your individual hair type.

Hair type

This treatment is best for healthy hair. Damaged or chemically treated hair will quickly break down with this method.  The first sign of damage will be in the reduced strength of your curl pattern. Watch for this initial sign of damage and scale back at the onset.


Depending on the city or area you live in, it can cost between $25-$50 for a Dominican blowout.

Keratin Treatment

The Goldwell Keratin Treatment system is one of the newer smoothing treatments on the market entitled Kerasilk, also known as the first customizable smoothing service for women, with claims to reduce styling time, improve manageability, soften, and smooth the hair. This treatment can be used to intentionally stretch your hair, or if you’re looking to retain your curl pattern then this treatment can be used to smooth the cuticle and reduce. Your stylist should customize the formula based on what you are looking for. Dimitrios Tsioumas of Mizu Salon told Teen Vogue that “mistakes in keratin treatments are mostly made during the application process, with either too little or too much heat, or not enough saturation of the product.” We love that this treatment is customizable depending on your hair goals, if you love your curls then you can choose to keep them. But this also means that the results lie in the hands of your stylist, and choosing the right stylist can make or break your keratin experience. Our own writer Nora Huber has had both positive and negative experiences with keratin, totally based on the stylist.

Hair type

Kerasilk is an option for women with textured hair who are looking to reduce frizz or temporarily elongate their curl pattern.


This treatment is offered between $200-$350.

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So, do you want to smooth the frizz for a short while or a long while? Do you want to stretch your curl or enhance your curl? 

Now you know what they are, what hair types work best and the prices. For the processes and results head over to  

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    I don't think I would try either of those.I love my curly wavy hair.

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    This is really good to know! Thanks

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