Wednesday, February 4, 2015

THE GREAT DEBATE: Does Your Coconut Oil REALLY Have Proteins?

THE GREAT DEBATE: Does Your Coconut Oil REALLY Have Proteins?

Apparently there is a big time debate going on about whether or not some natural oils contain proteins. If I am wondering, then I am sure others are as well, but there is so much information being thrown around that it often becomes confusing or overwhelming. The biggest debate revolves around the fan-favorite coconut oil and whether it has proteins. I understand that coconut oil is an indispensable Holy Grail for many naturals and curlies, so I inquired with the experts for some much needed clarification.  

Do oils have proteins?

Yes…if contaminated. Wait a minute…what? According to scientific consultant Yolanda Anderson, M.Ed., essential oils are created through distillation, which is a purification process that separates substances from one another via condensation or evaporation. Proteins are destroyed as their bonds are broken down during the process of distilling. Beyond distillation, proteins have even bigger issues than just the separating of the substances.

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