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The Day I Knew He Loved My Natural Hair

The Day I Knew He Loved My Natural Hair

I've been married for 15 years (16 years now) and have two teenagers at home. I’m in a different place from many naturals out here who are running off to classes, raising babies or taking booty shots for Instagram.  I’m what many would call a mature natural or an older natural.  I’m more worried about gray hairs, my 401k and when the next New Edition Reunion concert is coming to Denver but that doesn't mean I ‘m not worried about my hair or what my husband thinks about it.  Well…or not think about it.  Let me explain.

I've had almost every hairstyle a black woman can have with the exception of the Jheri Curl (thank goodness for small favors).  I've had box braids down to my butt (Not Beyonce box braids, Janet Jackson box braids….remember I’m older than you!), wore weaves, had the Halle Berry infamous haircut and even rocked a few wigs.   This was before and after I got married.  I took you down memory lane so you would know that my husband has seen it all…all hairstyles under the sun on my head and for the most part he really had nothing to say about it.

The Day I Knew He Loved My Natural Hair

We met at a nightclub and yes, you can find your soul mate in da club!  I was wearing box braids down to my butt as I often did during the summers in humid-ass New Orleans.  He liked my braids I guess because he bought me a drink and asked for my number.   Within a year we were married and I’ve sported so many styles over the years that I’m not sure if he even noticed some of them.

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  1. Awww this is beautiful. I love, love like this. Happy Valentines Day!


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