How To Take Care Of Your Hair In A Zombie Apocalypse

How To Take Care Of Your Hair In A Zombie Apocalypse

Disclaimer: If you do not watch The Walking Dead, this might fly over your head.

I am a big The Walking Dead fan and I know I am far from alone. We do not know why it happened or even when but who cares? We just love the show! I never tire of the trials and tribulations that transpire on one of my favorite TV shows. Although we do give them a pass on some inconsistencies (like Andrea using her perfectly pedicured toes to escape being bitten by a-soon-to-be dead/alive doctor) we do appreciate their day-to-day lives once walkers overran the world. Now, there have been a few naturals on the show and right now we have a wavy-haired Maggie, loc’d up Michonne, and coily Sasha to watch. Wondering how are they keeping those tresses in good shape? Well, I’ve got you covered!

OK, they look dirty most of the time and they must maintain some level of cleanliness between killing walkers and finding a safe place to stay. Now I would be laying low in a Target right about now but in reality most stores have been cleansed of all the goodies that are needed for everyday uses like soaps and shampoos. That’s right! It is now time to officially rough it out. It may not be pretty or glamorous but these ways will get the job done.

Water washing or “rinse-only” washing is actually pretty popular now so it would be an easy transition for many when the zombies turn our world upside down. Using water and fingertips or a boar brush may be the easiest way to cleanse the hair during the new turn in the world. The whole premise to water washing is eliminating cleansers and your hair will stop overproducing sebum and your scalp’s pH will balance out all on its own. This will be the most popular method, as there would be no time for extra primping! 

The downside is that water alone cannot remove everything so if you have walker guts in your hair you will need something a tad stronger. The upside is no need for scouring for supplies and leaving your well-guarded prison, church, or farm.

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How To Take Care Of Your Hair In A Zombie Apocalypse


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  1. February 20, 2015 / 4:48 am

    I LOVE this post!! I swear, I was catching up on the WD the other day on my DVR and was wondering what I would do with my hair if I was stuck in a zombie apocalypse. Lol, great post!!

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    March 11, 2017 / 12:14 am


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