5 Main Factors That Determine The Overall Health Of Your Hair

5 Main Factors That Determine The Overall Health Of Your Hair

Everyone wants that magic pill that will allow your hair to grow massive amounts with minimal upkeep. I know, I know…but guess what honey, there ain’t one.

I did not mean to bust your bubble…OK, maybe I did but it is better to hear it from me than having you screaming at your hair in a few months when it refuses to comply. The bottom-line is there are real foundations to gain healthy hair…PERIOD.

These foundations or truths are nothing new nor are they mind-blowing. They are in fact often overlooked by folks who just want the way to achieve greatness without all the work. Hard work is necessary for anything worth having and that includes gorgeous healthy hair. They are just what the masters of the natural hair world or the superstars have realized and use to their own advantages.

So, stop looking for the perfect shampoo, conditioner, vitamin or gel. The real way to grow long, thick healthy hair are based on these 5 main things:

Diet or food intake
A healthy diet can help your hair stay strong and lustrous. Let’s face it we live in a time when fast food is often times the main source of food intake for most of us.

We are short on time, money or resources to get the best foods for our bodies but if you want a stronger body and stronger hair we’ve got to back off the easy way to fuel our bodies and take more time to do it correctly.

A proper diet can stave off hair loss so getting essential fatty acids like Omega-3 into our diet is necessary. Food like Salmon, tuna and other fatty fish are great along with walnuts, almonds and flax seed oils can boost your fatty acid requirements.

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5 Main Factors That Determine The Overall Health Of Your Hair


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