Could 2015 Be The Year Of Natural Hair Acceptance–For Everyone?

Could 2015 Be The Year Of Natural Hair Acceptance--For Everyone?

I hate to be so pissy on the start of a new year but as 2014 was pretty hectic for curlies, coilies and wavies, it is time to set the record straight on a few things. Curly hair is beautiful hair. Coily hair is beautiful hair. So is wavy and kinky and even nappy if you choose to use that word. I know that words are painful as well as uplifting but in 2014 we had a few tense moments…oh, who am I kidding…

We had some disastrous moments for natural-haired women.

From the Army dissing natural hairstyles with new hair regulations to the schools finding our hair distractingyou name it, we saw it, heard it or felt it in 2014. While each instance had its own singular negative core, there was a commonality among all…our natural hair was being judged and judged harshly. In my world of natural hair I am constantly surrounded by women of all races enjoying the natural hair that has been growing out of their head since birth. It has been a revolution from chemical bondage whether relaxing one’s hair or just covering up their grays.

More women are embracing their naturalness (I love that word) and that is mostly all I see, hear, breath or relate to. Sometimes I have to remind myself that is not the ‘real’ world for many women who find themselves alone and confronted with family, friends, and even co-workers who demean their choice to go natural.

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Could 2015 Be The Year Of Natural Hair Acceptance–For Everyone?

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