A Beginner’s Guide To Shampoo & Cowash

A Beginner's Guide To Shampoo & Cowash

Hair is hair when it comes to the basic maintenance like cleansing, conditioning, and styling, but different textures will have specific needs that may dictate what type of products, ingredients, and even tools that are needed. So yes, you have mastered your chemically or heat-altered hair. You have been slaying in that department for years! But what about now? What do you use and how do you determine which natural hair products are right for you? Heck, what do some of these ingredients and names even mean

The market has become a tad complicated with our inclusion, as manufacturers have altered their language to sustain and draw new consumers. It is kind of flattering that we can move mountains like that, but this massive amount of information has become confusing, and for a newbie it can be downright disheartening. Many newbies do not know what to use or understand the terms cleanser, a co-wash, or even sulfate-free shampoo and whether you need all three? Well, I will help you understand these various products.

Shampoo & Co-wash Conditioner

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A Beginner’s Guide To Shampoo & Cowash

A note from Sabrina:

I’m an avid cowasher but know it’s not for everybody.  As a beginner it can be hard to figure everything out so understand what works for someone else may not work for you (and vice versa) and always know it takes time to figure all this out!

Take care Natural,


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