#TeamNoEdges: Are We REALLY Being This Petty?

#TeamNoEdges: Are We REALLY Being This Petty?

I am not one for gossip on the blog and if you follow me you already know this. Despite that, I gotta find out why the new way to drag for a woman of color (Lawd, another one?) is labeling her a member of the #teamnoedges crew. Really? Now we gotta dog a woman out because she has no edges?  

I get the hashtag craze is real, present and not going anywhere and there are a few that irk me like #teamlightskin, #teamdarkskin and any team that demeans anyone.  They create unnecessary divisions between folks that truly do not need one.  What is the point?  Now we are on teams and what kinds of teams are these that broadcast and show the pain many woman feel with hair loss?  

This is Why Your Edges are Breaking

These ugly, trying to be funny memes are everywhere so Google ’em up to find them because I am not sharing.  These are real women suffering from hair loss from various things and I refuse to add to their pain.  The saddest part is I have yet to see them on anyone but women of color. 

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What is even sadder are the ones that make the news (celebrity news mostly) that have women in the spotlight trashing other women in the spotlight and taking potshots at their hair or lack of hair.  

#TeamNoEdges: Are We REALLY Being This Petty?

Tamar Calls Kenya ‘Thirsty’ Kenya Says “At Least I Have Edges”

I may be late to the party but I keep seeing the memes and keep seeing the stories about this celebrity blasting another one about her hair.  Aren’t most of the blasters sporting long ass weaves, wigs and added hair so none of us even know what is going on up under there?  For all we know they all can be bald but I digress.  

K. Michelle Disses Tamar Braxton Over Her Edges, Tamar Responds

There are women who really feel the pain of hair loss and find this kind of pettiness hurtful and unproductive, so what do many decide to do instead of fixing the problem?  They hide them by adding more hair, glue, adhesives to the damaged scalp and make matters worse. 

So, instead of laughing and sharing that meme of a real person who did not ask for this kind of cyber fame, imagine the real pain of hair loss and what that person may be going through.  Hair loss can happen to ANYONE and according to the American Hair Loss Association 40% of hair loss sufferers are women. Hair loss can occur from illness, hormones, age or poor hair health habits to just name a few.  

It may just happen to you one day…I hope it does not but if it does do you want to be ridiculed?  #TeamNoEdges is making fun of a very personal problem that many women are facing daily.  

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