5 Things You Should Consider Before Coloring Your Natural Hair Blonde

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Blondes have more fun….do they really? Not sure about that statement and not just because I’ve never had blonde hair. Actually, I am with the camp that feels blonde hair is overrated. I am also part of the camp that feels black women need to stay clear of this color because it rarely compliments our skin tone very well.

Don’t get me wrong there are quite a few women who pull it off well like Queen Bey and Claire, Editor-In-Chief of The Fashion Bomb Daily but then there are those who do not like Nene Leakes or Nicki Minaj. My personal opinion mind you, but I know I am far from alone.

 I bring this up because of the recent news on Gabrielle Union’s blonde hair fiasco. Apparently she dyed her natural tresses blonde for her recent role in Chris Rock’s movie, TOP FIVE that opened last weekend. Her hair was falling out as a result of going to a harsh blonde from her naturally dark hair color.

Rocking the blonde locks got her a ton of looks and flack, but honestly many actresses and actors in Hollywood go that extra mile for a role so it really isn’t anything new. What IS new or does not happen often is when they admit defeat when doing something like that.

Of course when something like this happens, people come out of the woodwork bashing them for their choices and some even go so far as to tout “self-hate” or “selling out” or the presumption of “making it” by going blonde.

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5 Things You Should Consider Before Coloring Your Natural Hair Blonde


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