Why People Are Replacing Shampoo With …Water

Why People Are Replacing Shampoo With ...Water

Curlies, wavies, and coilies know all about adopting alternative avenues for hair care. It is in our blood, or rather, in our hair follicles to know we need to think outside the box to care for our fragile and beautiful tresses. Many have embraced more natural products and methods to care for their hair, and while some seem pretty normal, others are pretty uncommon. Nothing wrong with that, as we  have unique strands that sometimes need a little unorthodox approach to be cared for.  

“Rinse-Only” hair washing

One unorthodox method of hair care that is growing in popularity is the water-only hair washing. It is also called rinse-only, as you wash solely with water. Despite the simplicity of the act there are some slight variations. Some simply use the water and their fingertips while others add a boar brush, but the premise is the same with cleansing with water and working with your sebum instead of working against it.

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Why People Are Replacing Shampoo With …Water


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