Guide to Oil Rinsing for Hair

Natural oils go hand in hand with natural hair and for good reason. If you want your tresses moisturized, soft, free of single strand knots and shiny, then oils are a huge component of that equation. Sealing is not the only job for natural oils and they don’t necessary have to be the last part of your styling routine or just for a hot oil treatment. If you’ve been natural for a while, then you’ve probably heard about oil rinsing and how wonderful it can be for your strands.


Oil rinsing is using oil in your wash routine to help in moisture retention and removing knots and tangles. Some claim it can actually replace your shampoo and if you subscribe the oil cleansing method then you may agree. Others see it and use it after your hair has been cleansed to combat the drying effects of shampoo and to reinforce the conditioning properties of a conditioner. Either way, it’s a positive tool in your hair care regimen.

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Guide to Oil Rinsing for Hair


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