Surviving Your Natural Hair Terrible Twos

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The terrible twos are not just for toddlers. It is not just for those weary parents to battle and rear. The terrible twos can be something as odd as your natural hair coming into its own and you trying to adapt. As your hair grows it changes and as you adapt to one length and temperament, you can wake up one morning to a sea of confusion and doubt on just how to take care of the halo on your head. I know what that can be like. 

For an entire year my hair did not curl the way it curls now, and once I finally understood and became familiar with what was growing out of my scalp, my hair changed. Then, it changed again and then again, and I was left bewildered and unsure because I was dealing with something I had not encountered before…I was dealing with natural hair’s toddler years and it was not fun.

Natural hair is fun so please do not let me scare you. It is fun, exhilarating, and liberating all at the same time. Now, there are moments when your hair is working through something and has not made you aware. That would be year two as you begin to feel you have a take on what is actually going on. It is different for everyone but with naturals taking two clear and distinct paths there is a division. You have the BCs and the transitioners.

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Surviving Your Natural Hair Terrible Twos


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