Are Weekends For Big Hair?

Are Weekends For Big Hair?

I do not know about you all Naturals, but working the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday is a grind that is necessary but tiring.  Add family commitments, housework (OK, I am really pushing it because I am not that kind of woman) and blogging and you can only imagine how my weekends are.  I try to rest, relax and of course write but when it comes to my hair…my hair?  I am all about the “letting it do its own thing”. 

No, I am not out and about that much on the weekends but I know many of you are.  I am more at home and occasionally going out but more often than not, water/product/anything does not touch my tresses until Sunday night when I wash it.  No styling, no primping or prepping.  Just letting it get bigger and bigger with no worry or care from me.  

I don’t straighten my hair at all but I do keep it from being as big as it wants to get during the week at the 9 to 5.  It is just easier to manage for me and I have accepted this is my routine (for now) so when Friday night hits I know I am all about freeing it and letting it grow. 

I have talked to a few girlfriends and found out they also rock the big hair on the weekends but for various reasons.  Some love the bigness but tame their hair for the workweek and let it out for their own time.  Others like the big or curlier hair when they go out on the weekends and still some give their hair a break from manipulation and it just grows in height and width during those off days. 

Are we a collective few or are their others?  Does the workweek consume our time and our love of big hair and if it does then why?  OK, let’s not get all deep into why some of us may do this and just enjoy our big hair and our weekends. “I’m a weekend girl” *in my S.O.S. Band voice*, and I love it so (shameless plug coming) let’s proclaim our weekends of big, kinky, curly hair with some natural hair tees just for the occasion.  



My weekends are for big hair…are yours?

Big hair, don’t care Naturals,


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