5 Reasons To Stop Comparing Your Hair To A Natural Hair Guru

Photo courtesy of Blackhairinformation.com

We covet our favorite Natural hair superstars; we can’t help it. They have gorgeous tresses and they help guide us through our insecurities about our hair, styles and products and we love them for it.

It’s OK to do so and they may even help in your natural hair journey, but there are some naturals that take this ‘love’ a little too far. There is nothing wrong with liking someone’s hair but actually wanting their hair is never a good thing and even though we jokingly say #haircrush #hairidol it can get serious and actually harm your journey.

There will be pitfalls and failures and often just watching a video of a Youtuber perfecting what you could not do can be uplifting but not always. Not always because if you are investing too much into someone else’s hair, how can you possibly be investing enough time and energy into your own?

There is a fine line between admiring and coveting what others have. Jealousy is a bad reality we have in the natural hair community. Jealousy of hair type, texture and length are rampant although many would like to ignore it.

I am almost certain I will get commentators clowning me saying I speak no truth but it won’t change the reality what I notice among naturals. I STILL hear “I wish I had your curls” or “I wish I had your hair or texture” so instead of just TELLING you not to compare your tresses to others I am going to give you 5 reasons why it is not even necessary. Here goes:

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5 Reasons To Stop Comparing Your Hair To A Natural Hair Guru


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  1. October 31, 2014 / 1:24 pm

    Thank you for this!!! I just wish you would have done this story when I was going thru my natural struggle! I would follow chic who claim to have my hair type and follow their routine starting from the big chop stage…but oh NO! I quickly found out that my hair….was not like theirs and I became discouraged. I found myself with a sh*t load of products that my hair did not like and I was still at the baby fro stage confused on why my hair would not "coil, or have a springy shiny pop to it" lol
    When I realized I was saying "I want your hair" or "why won't my hair do like yours?" I woke up, logged off and got me a relaxer.
    I do take better care of my hair thanks to the tips from the Natural Sistas and I thank them for it, but this article is SPOT ON with how I was becoming as a beginner with trying this natural hair thing.

    • October 31, 2014 / 2:51 pm

      It is so hard figuring out what to use, and what to do with your tresses first starting out that looking to others for guidance is common. often we miss the mark and start obessing about getting our hair to look like theirs. Been there, done that! Once you wake up, the journey is so much better. Thanks for sharing.

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