4 Styles For Your Most Awkward Hair Stages

Nothing like growing hair and retaining the length! What an amazing feeling of knowing you are doing everything right; protecting and sealing your ends, keeping your tresses moisturized and free of split ends. It just feels good. What does not feel so great is the realization that all this growth and good nurturing has allowed your hair to retain length past its TWA or small fro and your go-to styles are not working anymore. Just when you became comfortable with your styles and routine, your hair begins growing into the awkward stage. Here are some styles to help you transition past this length.

“The Loc Soc”

ItsCinnaMe shares a video on the versatile and gorgeous Loc Soc that was originally created for loc wearers for sleeping, keeping locs out of the way, and protection. It soon gave way to style and now many naturals are rocking them and for good reason. They are gorgeous and perfect for the awkward stage in your natural hair journey. I promise you will be eager to get one (or more) when you see how cute and simple they are for your tresses and with the cooler weather coming up it is the perfect time to rock them. They can be found at Soclocsoc.com.

Watch the video and find the rest of the styles over at Naturallycurly.com

4 Styles For Your Most Awkward Hair Stages


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