Product Review – NYC Curls by CARLOS FLORES

Product Review - NYC Curls by CARLOS FLORES

It’s been a minute since I did a product review on a hair product so I was super excited to share again when I was asked to try this new line called the NYC Curls by Carlos Flores.  

N – kNow

Y – Your 

C – Curls

“NYC Curls is a product line and routine developed for naturally curly hair by NYC hair stylist Carlos Flores. For over 15 years, Carlos Flores has been in the hair industry focused solely on naturally curly hair.  During his career, Carlos has been called a ‘Curl Expert’, a ‘Curl Guru’, and even a ‘Curl Genius’ by various web sites dedicated to curly.”  

I was excited about the chance to try a system that used EXACTLY what I used on my hair (cleanser, conditioner and gel) so I gave it a try.

NYC Curls The Curl Cleanser
Sulfate, Silicone, & Paraben free; Clinically tested 
– Contains no harsh detergents that damage curls – it will not lather 
– Fragranced with essential ginger oil mixed with citrus and tea scents 
– Infused with mint oil, vitamin E, and Aloe 

– Safe for daily use, color treated hair, & all curl types

NYC Curls The Curl Conditioner
Sulfate, Silicone, & Paraben free; Clinically tested 
– Can be used daily and as a leave in
– Fragrance is a bamboo scent mixed with essential ginger oil 
– Infused with aloe, vitamin E, & a special mix of ingredients that deeply condition your curls 

– Works on all curl types 

NYC Curls The Curl Gel
Sulfate, Silicone, & Paraben free; Clinically tested 
– Will give you a light to medium hold that locks in moisture 
– The hold is flexible, not crunchy, so it allows your curls to move naturally 
– Fragrance is a bamboo scent mixed with essential ginger oil (it matches The Curl Conditioner.) 
– Infused with flax seed oil

– It will work on all curl types 

I knew the system or routine all to well and followed the routine to the letter for about a week for an accurate depiction of how the system worked alone and with other products.  (I love products that play well with others.)

The first five ingredients in the NYC Curls 3 part system:

NYC Curls The Curl Cleanser
Cetyl Alcohol (fatty alcohol)
Isopropyl Palmitate (palm oil based emollient, moisturizer, thickening agent) 
Behenalkonium Chloride  (An excellent conditioning and anti-static agent)
Butylene Glycol  (humectant – retains moisture)

NYC Curls The Curl Conditioner
Water (Aqua) 
Cetyl Esters  (Synthetic Wax used to thicken products)
Cetearyl Alcohol (Fatty alcohol)
Butylene Glycol (humectant – retains moisture)

NYC Curls The Curl Gel
Water (Aqua)
VP/VA Copolymer (Allows hair to hold style)
Fragrance (Parfum)
PPG-26-Buteth-26 (improves suppleness) 

*         Poor rating.  Will not be buying again ever!!
**       Mediocre.  Will not be buying again.  
***     Average.  May or may not buy again.
****   Above average.  Will probably buy again.
***** Excellent!  Will buy again and may become a staple product.

NYC Curls by CARLOS FLORES  *** 1/2

I gave it 3 1/2 because I really, really LOVED the cleanser and only liked the conditioner and gel. OK, let me start off with the cleanser.  It smells amazing, it makes my hair tingle and it didn’t make my hair feel like all the natural oils have been stripped. I would so get this and use regularly as a back up to my As I AM Coconut Cowash.  

I only liked the conditioner as it didn’t make the sparks fly like with the cleanser.  It was just OK but not bad by any means.  The gel worked really well with my hair and when I had some flakes I just added a few drops of Jojoba oil to the palm of my hair and rubbed it together before applying to my hair and it was great.  

I love how the line has regular tops or pumps and that is always a winner in my book.  I”m heavy handed so pumps allow me to realize how much I am actually using.  The whole line smells pretty good (conditioner smells really good) and it’s a great line to try and they don’t have silicones, sulfates or parabens but they do have some ingredients that are suspect (Butylene Glycol – some say to watch out for this ingredient) but it is up to you to determine what will work best for you!

They work well with other brands so that’s a win in my book as well.  I do wish the line had more natural ingredients in the top 5 and they are pricier than some brands out there ($18.99 for 12oz), but it’s a line that merits a try Naturals.  

Take care Naturals,



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  1. Chandra
    September 3, 2014 / 5:37 am

    If we made the wash n go term literal then texture really should not come into play. But, because the term has become associated with defining a curl pattern with conditioner and gel and making curls "pop" women with hair types that do not have a natural curl don't believe they can wear a wash n go. So yah, its the perception and label of what a wash n go is now in the Natural hair Community. So if you truly believe that, and you don't have the kind of hair that curls or define with wash n go's you're gonna believe its not for you or your hair type.

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