Kerry Washington: Style, Hair And The Purple Purse

Kerry Washington: Style, Hair And The Purple Purse

I love Kerry… #thatisall.  OK, Not all but you understand why I do.  She was at the GMA studios this morning discussing the new season with Robin Roberts and as I laid sick as a dog in bed I began to smile when I saw just how lovely she looked in a (still) summery dress accented with purple heels, purse and lipstick. She looked stunning.

Who knew yellow and purple would look so lovely together?  Kerry did and she did it well.  Her hair was easy, breezy and I loved the entire look but the purse seems to steal the show, does it not?  

Kerry Washington: Style, Hair And The Purple Purse

Despite being a clear winning fashion statement, there is a real purpose and power behind that purple purse.  Kerry designed this gorgeous purse to raise awareness about domestic violence for the “Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse Program”.  

“The purse I designed for Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is a fashion statement that carries with it an important message. Purple is the color of domestic violence awareness and a woman’s purse is a strong symbol of where she carries her power. Financial wellbeing, a sense of ownership and a sense of self, reside in our purses. I am extremely proud to wear it and to know that it will increase awareness and create conversations around this important issue.” Kerry Washington

This is a problem that affects all women and one that needs our attention.  Loving the dress, love me some Kerry but so moved by such a great movement that starts with a purse and a plan.  

Find out about donating and sharing at: Purple Purse

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