Asymmetrical Afro Awesomeness

So many naturals are scared to rock the sexy and sultry TWA for a few reasons.  Some think it’s too masculine, others feel it is limited on styles and still  others feel they will be more accepted wearing natural hair if it’s longer. 

I get tired of hearing there’s nothing to do with short hair so when I came across this video, my face lit up.  What a sexy, haute style to rock that’s quite similar to one of Lupita’s styles she showcased on the red carpet earlier this year.  

Lupita used her really short TWA to sport this style but with a tad bit longer tresses and you’ve got an even more stunning style.  Carmen slays this look and what is even more amazing about it is her combing out the curls to give that standing up gorgeousness texture that make this a head-turning masterpiece.

Asymmetrical Afro Tutorial for Short Natural Hair

It’s no secret that My Natural Sistas be on it and hard when they come out with these hair tutorial videos.  Carmen takes her rather cute cut (shorter on the sides and longer on the top) and shows the versatility she can create because she thinks outside the box.  You gotta give it to her for taking a simple, but popular cut and making it her own. 

It’s simple, it’s not geared towards finding curls and it’s different.  All the reason to share this video and take a look at how Asymmetrical is still making waves in hairstyles and it doesn’t have to be bone straight to rock it.

I love it.  It’s haute, stunning and sexy so take it from Carmen…rocking a TWA is just as stylish and versatile and perfect for everyone.


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