You Are Feeling Texture, NOT Dryness

Hand in hair syndrome is a real condition…Ok, maybe not according to the American Medical Association but you get my point. Too many of us love touching, twisting, and playing in our hair. We love the feel the softness and the texture. I love touching my hair and knowing every coil and curl.

Usually when I don’t seal (gasp, did she really admit that?) I tend to notice my hair feels a tad or severely rough. I always assume it’s not moisturized but honestly speaking, can touch determine the moisture of your tresses? To put it plainly, can hair that’s not soft still be properly moisturized? Naturals value softness as much as they value style. No one wants to have a halo of rough tresses framing her face. It’s the main reason many curlies cringe at the crunch of some gels or mousses that leave your curls, coils, and waves feeling hard, crispy, and uninviting. It’s a symbol of health. You don’t mind your significant other touching your tresses when it’s feeling its best.

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You Are Feeling Texture, NOT Dryness


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  1. Tee
    July 3, 2014 / 8:02 pm

    Great ideas

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