Detangling is a necessary evil that naturals endure at every hair length possible.  No exceptions to the rule on this one.  Everyone has to detangle whether the texture or the thickness or the length of time it takes.  It’s one of the biggest challenges that newly naturals face in the beginning that can deter some from staying natural especially if transitioning as the relaxed ends may not need it while the natural roots do!

It’s not all bad and in fact detangling can be made easier and quicker with a few tools, products and patience. It’s all about preparation, and trial and error.  You try the basics and as you go along you will pick up tips that will aid in making the process and your hair smoother.

The Tools:


The tools of the trade are pretty varied according to your liking and your hair, but most naturals start out with the coveted wide tooth comb. There are several types, brands and when you find your favorite, nothing can make you switch!  The wide tooth comb is a standard for naturals for two reasons as it can gently detangle and it removes the shed hairs that may get trapped and create more tangles.  One popular comb is the Ouidad Double Detangler that is a favorite because it’s perfect for shower detangling and it’s so amazing it was a 2013 Naturallycurly Editor’s choice. That second column of teeth take the comb to the supreme level of effectiveness.

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