Sabrina’s First Conference To Freedom

Hello Naturals!  I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to ask for help in getting to my dream career of freelance writing and blogging about natural hair beauty and style.  That step in the dream direction is attending the BlogHer Conference 2014. It’s not as easy as I would have thought when I planned to take this trip last year.  First off, with a family, life gets in the way and you gotta take care of the necessities and secondly, branching out from a 9 to 5 is scary, hard-work and requires many a sleepless nights.

I’m OK with the double-duty and don’t discuss it often but for me to make this conference where I can gain valuable knowledge on vlogging, blogging, networking and writing; I’m going to need some help.  

I’ve created a GoFundMe asking for help in making this trip to the BlogHer conference.  I can learn the steps to becoming more marketable and finally make the huge step from a 9 to 5 to becoming self-employed as a writer, blogger and vlogger.  They have classes, they network and they guide you to becoming the best woman you can be.  

BlogHer is a blogging network of women by women and they have so much information to offer that I gotta make this happen!  Any amount is so appreciated and will help me make this a reality.  I truly appreciate the love and support.  You can donate below or at my GoFundMe page.  

Take care Naturals,


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