It’s Not Too Early: How to Start Saving Your Skin From Aging, Now

I know, I’ve heard it too.  “Black don’t crack”.  It’s a well-believed notion that black women or women of color age much slower than other races of fairer skin.  Despite that belief, we must protect our skin as we do age and the sun, wind and other elements affect our bodies.  

Whether you live in dry climate (like me) or a humid one, there are ways to stop or delay the sands of time from aging our skin.  

Think anti-aging regimens are something for our mothers? Think again. The truth is, we (and our skin) starts aging the second we do. The earlier we start protecting our skin, the longer it’ll remain looking its best.

“Sebum production starts between ages 9 and 10.  It’s imperative to start a healthy skin care routine before the introduction of makeup and the onset of puberty,” says Kim Grustas, founder and owner of Good For You Girls Natural Skincare. Nourishing the skin is as important as getting rid of dirt, grime and bacteria. “If you treat your skin well, it will repay you with a healthy, happy glow,” says Grustas.

Moisturizing maintenance. Dr. Dana Khuthaila, a double board certified NYC-based plastic surgeon, says the most important steps in preventing aging is to cleanse, moisturize and wear sunscreen. When used regularly, your daily moisturizer will reduce the appearance of dark spots. When your skin tone is even, you’ll be able to sleep in sometimes (more on that soon) because you don’t have to wear as much makeup!

You can read the rest of the great article over at Beauty High:

It’s Not Too Early: How to Start Saving Your Skin From Aging, Now


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