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Hello! I’m Kachet (pronounced Cache), also known at The Lipstick Giraffe and I reside in Sacramento, CA. I use The Lipstick Giraffe blog to showcase my personal style and show others that they can be on trend without breaking the bank. By day, I am a marketing manager for a property based improvement district (PBID) and I’ve previously worked in the advertising industry. What can I say? I love people and connecting them with brands.
Why call the blog The Lipstick Giraffe? Well, I’m a tall girl who is sometimes referred to as giraffe, and I love lipstick. I thought it was perfect.

How would you describe your style?  Eclectic. Sometimes I’m preppy and sometimes I’m boho. You never know with me, but I promise, there will always be a splash of color.

How do you decide what to wear in the morning?  Sometimes I’m really good about picking out my outfits in advance, but mostly I just put things together when I wake up. As funny as this sounds, sometimes I think about what to wear as I’m going to sleep and my brain retains the info to put together a look the next morning.

What are your favorite wardrobe pieces? I love a good vest: denim, cargo, trench – you name it!
Where do you typically shop for clothes and accessories?  It’s a mixed bag, but I do frequent Old Navy, Marshalls, Macy’s Impulse section, Nordstrom Rack, Crossroads Trading Co., and my local trading store Freestyle Clothing Exchange. A lot of my accessories I’ve been getting online: Groopdealz, Jane, and even Amazon. Type in Statement Necklace and you’ll be surprised what comes up. No matter what, I always shop sale. Always.
                                                                                                                                                            Let’s talk hair. How long have you been natural? What is your normal regimen.  I have been natural since July 2011. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I shampoo just once a week just to get the gunk out. My hair is divided in a line starting from the top of my ears. The front half is very tightly coiled where the back half is loose. It’s really annoying but hey, it’s the way I was made!  As far as products go, I love Cantu Shea Butter curling creme, MOA leave-in (found at TJ Maxx), Bumble and bumble Semi-Sumo for coiling individual curls for maximum definition and most recently I was introduced to Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme and I LOVE IT. When I use it, I hardly have to use any product, my curls are defined and I literally just shake and go.

Do you have a signature hairstyle?  I’ve had a lot of different styles in the day, but there are two that stick out and both aren’t too far from each other. In 2008, I rocked the “Rihanna” pixie haircut until I went natural, and recently I resorted to a shorter on the sides, tall on the top curly look. I love it.           
How does your natural hair work with your style? Because it’s so hard to put style into a category, I think my hair just “floats” with what my clothing says. Sometimes it’s untamed, other times very defined.
                                                                                                                                                                    Are you working on any ventures that we should know about? Currently I am working with Old Navy and I provide styling sessions in stores in the Sacramento area on select days. I’m also planning to launch a YouTube channel soon, and build up my personal styling business here in Northern California.
How can we stay connected with you? Visit my blog:thelipstickgiraffe.com. I’m all over social media, so feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. xoxo


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