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Seriously Natural Spotlight - Scarlett

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Hello! I’m Scarlett and the creator of Wonder Curl, a line of haircare products for curly hair. I’m a Haitian born Jersey girl!

How long have you been natural?
I started 16 years ago, but I would say that I’ve truly been natural 7 years because I haven’t done anything that might alter my natural curl pattern.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is thick, dry and frizzy. Even though my hair is dry and frizzy, you’d never know it because I know what works for me and how to use my products. This was a learning curve but now that I have it figured out, life has been so much easier.

What do you love most about your hair? 
My curls are so versatile. Depending on the products I use and how I apply them: I can have long, stretched curls or I can create super defined & big hair. Whenever my hair is super defined, people always ask me if I cut my hair…nope, that’s the beauty of shrinkage!

What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper & why? 
I first went natural back in 1998 after reading an article in ESSENCE about a female lawyer who stopped relaxing her hair. This was a light bulb moment for me, because until then, I never thought that not relaxing my hair was even an option. I stopped relaxing my hair and 6 months later, I big chopped. I’ve had my struggles like everyone else, including texturizing my hair, flat ironing & heat damage. I BC’d 3 times and the last time I made the decision to be patient with my hair. That was over 7 years ago and I finally learned my hair.

What has been the most memorable part of your journey? Has it been easy or difficult or both?! 
I was really afraid of my texture at first. I remember that as it was growing I kept thinking ‘How will I get a comb through this?’ Now, I know ‘While it’s wet and with lots of conditioner.’ There was learning curve because how you work with your hair straight is not the same as with curly hair. But when you learn to work with curly hair, it’s all easy peezy (teehee). 

What are  some of your favorite transitioning hairstyles?
I prefer my hair really short or really long. The in between stage is difficult, but I did have some fun with Afros during that time.

What have your experiences been as a ‘natural.’ Any memorable reactions from family or others?
My family was not very happy when I BCd and stopped relaxing. This was still a very new concept and coming from a Caribbean family, a woman with short hair was an abomination. Eventually, they have come to love my hair and a lot of the women have gone natural as well. They’re all my happy clients!

What is your hair regimen (including fav products)?
I wash my hair once per week. The entire process from start to finish takes about 3 hours, but to be fair, it has always taken me this long to do my hair. I cleanse with my Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. This uses kaolin clay to remove toxins the scalp leaving it feeling refreshed. It also has conditioners so that my hair is fresh and soft. 

I deep condition using my Restoring Hair Treatment. Since my hair is damaged from the of the coloring I’ve done to it, I really need to add this extra step to maintain my hair’s vitality. This winter has been drier than usual, so I’ve been styling my wash-n-gos using my Butter than Love Pudding and Butter than Love Whipped. Both are loaded with butters & oils to keep my hair moisturized. I can go the entire week without having to refresh my curls.

What are some of your favorite natural hair websites,YouTuber’s, or blogs?
Hairscapades.com is a favorite blog, plus Shelley the writer, is a great person. I also frequent SavvyBrown.com, she is more than hair, she’s all about living a healthy and green life on a budget.
Anything you want the readers to know? Inspirational words?
I started what I call ‘Wondercurlisms’ which are words of encouragement, tips and some funny natural hair problems we can all relate to.

Where can people find you for more information?
I’m all over the Internet!


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