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6 Ridiculously simple solutions to Natural hair problems

6 Ridiculously simple solutions to Natural hair problems

Ridiculously simple solutions to some rather everyday problems that most Naturals are facing.  Some you may know and some you may say, “Damn!  Why didn’t I think of that!”, but all are ways to make this journey a little easier so you can sweat the big stuff instead of the small.

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Put a satin bonnet on wet hair prior to putting on your top/shirt/blouse.  

How many times have you wash and goers struggled with a wet head and maneuvering your top to keep it from getting drenched in conditioner, oils or water? Well, after you have completed your hair routine and ready to wear your top, carefully place your satin bonnet on your head and watch your top slide on with ease and stay dry.  Take off the bonnet and continue dressing or finish your hair routine.  

Drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils to mask the unpleasant ones.  

Now, I hate the smell of olive oil.  Hate it!  Whenever I would put it in my spray bottle I made sure to add drops of Lavender to the mix to mask the smell and give me a lift. Not everything we feel we need in our hair is going to smell yummy so go to just about any health food store and check out the essential oils to find ones you like.  

File those nails to prevent snags prior to wash or cowash sessions.  

Man, I always seem to snag my hair on my nails even when they feel absolutely smooth when I touch anything else.  Our hair is very delicate and there’s nothing worse than ripping our your hair on jagged nails when you don’t have to.  Just get out your Emory board or glass nail file (perfect for the shower!) and make sure all is smooth before starting your wash routine.  The good thing about the glass ones is you can take it in the shower during your session and if you hit a snap you can take care of it ASAP.

Find other uses for those products sitting in the back of your closet.  

You can use conditioner as a shaving cream, or you can hit up Natural hair meet-ups and do a product swap.  You may be able to donate them to shelters if they are gently used and they will be accepted. Just get creative.  

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Satin bonnet not sexy before, during or after sex?  Get the satin pillowcase.  

Let’s face it….satin bonnets are NOT sexy and you may not want to spring it on your significant other just yet.  Get a satin pillowcase and sleep sexy and safely without harming your tresses.  

Double up on the satin if you are a wild sleeper.  

I have a satin pillowcase and the satin bonnet  and most nights I use both.  Some nights are wilder than others so to ensure that you are fully covered have both on to ensure your hair is gonna stay damage free.  

As always just take what you need and leave the rest.  

Keeping the stress our of our hair Naturals,



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