Perfect Spring and Summer Beauty Looks

Beauty by Lee

Spring and Summer are two great times to spruce up your makeup glam.  As most of you already know, prom season is in full swing it’s time to find that signature look that will give your hair, dress and mood the right makeup look to complete your style.  

Stephanie Lee, or Beauty by Lee, is a makeup expert and always comes withe those unique looks to give your style it’s perfect completeness.  These two looks will not take away from your dress or hair but compliment it. Don’t think it’s just for the young and prom.  

These two looks are great for your wedding, attending a wedding or just an evening out where you want to ‘bring it’ and feel glamorous!

Spring Ready Neutrals With A Pop Of Fabulous

If you are searching for just the right look that will bring out your eyes and flair then this spring look is perfect for you.  This look features a neutral eye, a funky wing liner and a serious pop of color. You don’t have to stick with her choice of color as picking one that goes well with your dress (and mood) is all you need.

As always, Stephanie takes you from naked face to fully done with explanations and clear instructions so you end up with the gorgeous look you see above. 

Summer Nude Glam & Hair details!

This is a two-part video (kinda explains why it’s so long) as Stephanie guides us through her uber-haute nude look and shares her new cut!  I love nude looks and we see how nude can be glam and sexy without being over the top.

Working with skin-toned makeup to create a summer glam is perfect for the fashionista that wants to look flawless but NOT take away from her hair or outfit.  Not overpowering but still sexy.  As always, Stephanie takes you from the naked face to her completed look (with gorgeous earrings too) and she explains fully each product she uses and what it will do for you.  

Two great looks for spring and summer and the many events you plan on attending and enjoying while looking fab.  


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