What Does the Afro Mean in 2014?

What Does the Afro Mean in 2014?

Are afros alternative?

It honestly depends on whom you ask and what their personal reflection of the word ‘alternative’ symbolizes to them. Whether one is talking about a subculture of the Natural Hair Movement (NHM) or merely a trend, there is an image that you can form in your mind on what an afro means in 2014.

An afro is defined as two things: 1) a style where thick, curly hair erects around the head and 2) a natural hairstyle of black people.  I prefer the New York Times’ definition when discussing Dante De Blasio’s hair during his father’s mayoral campaign in New York, “The Afro as a Natural Expression of Self”. An afro holds more significance than a hairstyle and I must admit, it means even more than the self-expression.

You can read the rest of my article at Naturallycurly.com.  It’s my debut article!!  

What Does the Afro Mean in 2014?

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