Thickness Does Not Come ‘Naturally’ For All Of Us

Thickness Does Not Come ‘Naturally’ For All Of Us

Anywhere you look whether TV, movies or the Internet you will find models, actresses, and musicians with big, thick, beautiful hair. The need to have youthful, voluminous hair is contagious which can make a woman with thin hair feel inferior or left out.

I know this because I’m a woman with thin hair and looking for fullness or big hair is a quest I find myself on daily. Some of us weren’t even lucky as children to have thick gorgeous hair so this quest that many of us find ourselves on has been a life-long one.

FYI – When I refer to ‘thin hair’ here I mean low density hair rather than the width of individual strands.

The Debate
Honestly, it depends on who you ask if you can make your hair do what nature or DNA wasn’t able to do…thicken it. There are many manufacturers out there who claim that their products will do just that (and more) and sometimes I wonder if I’m not being sold some magic beans when I go to the hair isle.

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Thickness Does Not Come ‘Naturally’ For All Of US

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