Do Older Women NEED To Wear Short Hair?

Do Older Women NEED To Wear Short Hair?

all heard it before…older women MUST cut their hair.  I’ve heard it for two reasons:

hair is for YOUNGER Women

will make you look younger

I call this stupid notion out right now? 
That was a rule of yesteryear and frankly it wasn’t even true back then
but whatever…we’ll let our mothers and grandmothers off the hook for it but we
will NOT abide by it.  

Let me first say
this…I’m 43, but look like 33, and on a bad day feel and act like 23 and on a
good day I feel and act like 13.  Yea, I
am way more than a 43 year old woman and my style and HAIR varies with my mood,
and trend.  I’m not the trendiest woman
around but I’m not trying to wear Christmas sweaters year round and dying my
hair blue ANYTIME soon!

women look much younger with longer
hair (style is everything though) and if you look at many of the trendiest
older women within our age range they sport longer tresses.  

Taraji P. Henson – 42

Lauren Velez – 48

Toni Morrison – 83

Sanaa Lathan – 42

Valarie Pettiford – 53

Jada Pinkett Smith – 42

B. Smith –  64

This list can go on and on and the point isn’t whether or not they have natural hair or even sporing their OWN hair.  The point is that these gorgeous black women are sporting LONGER tresses and looking sexy and fabulous doing it. No need for pixie cut or styles that seem conservative for a woman over 40.  

The rules have changed (if you didn’t know) and don’t feel you have to fit into anyone else’s ideal of what a woman over 40 is supposed to look like. 

Dated looks will age you so make sure you are not rocking the style that was so haute back in 1995! Yea, sometimes we get stuck in hairstyle ruts and that will age you quicker than a long sexy look will any day!  

Monotone color will age you too so add some highlights or let those grays pop out for some color.  Grays do not make you look old if you have them looking a sultry silver and not a dulling yellow. Longer, fuller hair will always give you a more youthful look than a short tapered look so stop worrying about if you are too OLD to be wearing longer hair.  

You are looking younger and better with the longer tresses so throw that old-fashioned notion out the window and smile a little brighter knowing you are haute as hell at any age and know how to show it!

Flaunt your sexy long hair Naturals,


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