6 Things About Teamnatural You May Not Have Known

6 Things About Teamnatural You May Not Have Known

Nobody KNOWS everything. It’s just not possible and if you are not included in a particular group then more than not you truly don’t know much about it. So, this post is really for the non-members of #teamnatural but I’m more than sure some naturals may not know some of these either so stick around and see what you DON’T KNOW.

#Teamnatural is a catch all phrase for anyone not relaxing their
 There are tons of teams but most can be categorized under #teamnatural
whether they wear Locs, braids, Fros, curly or fades. 

2.  There is a division between some naturals.  Some feel any
chemical usage removes you from the #teamnatural label.  This debate on “are you still natural if you color your hair”, is tiring but it DOES exist.
 I say don’t even worry about it but people ask daily if they are still
natural if they color their hair in forums and groups all over the web.  

3.  #Teamnatural is NOT a fad.  It may be a trend (a general direction in which something is developing or changingbut it’s not a
fad (
an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze) and if you wanna piss a natural off then just call it one.  Yes, there
are many who are sporting natural hair until they get tired or even wearing natural wigs but this is a lifestyle choice for most
who become natural.  It takes commitment and patience so if this IS a fad
for you then you won’t be here long. 

4.  Many in #teamnatural don’t take kindly to being petted.
 Now, I know there are many women who disagree with this but the bottom
line is if you didn’t want to touch our hair when it was relaxed then what
makes you think just because it’s natural we want to be groped.  Just ASK
first and not when you are reaching out to touch it.  Ask and see if you
are talking to a natural who doesn’t mind it or one that is about to knock you

5.  Not everyone in #teamnatural uses the same products.  It’s
just ridiculous to think we do!  There are tons of natural hair products
out here now so we are just as diverse as the relaxed crowd and we have our
favorites.  We all have different hair texture, porosity and live in
different climates so we are not all the same.

6. #Teamnatural does not hate #teamrelaxed or think we are better
than you.
 We are proud of being on this team and even if we do not agree
with what you do with your hair does not mean we look down on you.  Yea,
you have a few extremists but the overall majority truly does not care what you
do with your hair.

6 Things About Teamnatural You May Not Have Known

is just as complex and full of different personalities as any other group and
it’s OK to ask questions and be curious.  Just remember the few things
mentioned above and even join if you like. We LOVE new members!

   Take care lovelies,



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