10 Ways to Respond to Negative Hair Comments

10 Ways to Respond to Negative Hair Comments

Although the natural hair movement is receiving widespread attention, it is not being accepted by all. Some have averse feelings and claim it to be unprofessional and unaesthetic. Descriptions like “nappy” are still being referenced, and while some are reclaiming it, others still associate the word with its original negative connotation, which tends to be further reinforced by the nuance of the speakers.

It meant our hair wasn’t up to par with beauty standard and therefore unacceptable. It meant we needed to alter our hair texture to assimilate to the Eurocentric standard and be like everyone else. Well, everyone else is taken so it’s time to be like ourselves and not apologize for the honor.

We are in a culture where everyone feels they have a right to say whatever they want to whomever they please and sometimes (oftentimes) it’s tactless and malevolent.

1. “Why do you want to know?”

When someone asks, “why do you wear your hair like ‘that’?” just smile and ask them “why do you want to know?” Most people don’t realize they’re being rude, and when you challenge the question, they tend to become aware and retreat.

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10 Ways to Respond to Negative Hair Comments


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