Valentine’s Day Sexy & Sultry Eyes


Valentine’s Day is coming up Naturals and whether you are paired up or not you need to get glammed up and hit the town.  I hope to be out and about and might even do a little extra in the makeup department.  Lawd knows I NEED to since I wear that au naturel look a little too much. I love eye makeup and feel it brings your eyes to life and defines the look you are going for.  I’m HORRIBLE at applying eye makeup so I scour YouTube for the dramatic looks I crave.  


To me there’s no better look then to have your eyes all lit up and glamourous with the rest of the face toned down.  Remember, Kerry Washington wore that look at the Golden Globes earlier this month.  She went with the smokey eyes and nude lips and it made her glow!

I do have a few YouTube beauty divas that I just love.  They never disappoint and I”m sure many of you have already heard of them or may be following them.  ItsMyRayeRaye and Ebony from  colouredBeautiful are true artists with makeup and beauty.  I love watching their videos and even the long ones!! You know me…I can’t stand a long video but I make the exception for them and a few others.  


Raye Raye gives a sexy sultry look using BH Cosmetics “Special Occasion” palette.  She starts from the very beginning with a clean face and shows you step by step how to achieve her fabulous look.  

Violet Blues | Forever Glam Palette

Ebony goes for the striking look with Forever Glam Palette also from BH Cosmetics.  She’s calling it Violet Blues because she’s got blue in there with the purple and they look amazing together.  She also starts with a clean face and shows you step by step how to achieve her dazzling look. 

Both looks are perfect for Valentine’s Day.  They are striking and sexy giving all the power and focus to the eyes.  I love both looks equally. I’ll be on the hunt for more looks for V-day so stay tuned and get to work on your V-day look.

Take care Beauties,




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  1. Alphia
    January 30, 2014 / 4:48 pm

    very good point . My first try at natural hair all I added was water and I did not condition it .It was a mess . so I can see where some thinK its bad. Conditioned wet hair is best I think . With relaxed hair water is not an option .

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