Natural hair trends in 2013…will they resurface in 2014?

Natural hair trends in 2013...will they resurface in 2014?

To some, Natural Hair itself will be a trend in 2014 but if you are a Natural haired woman, you already know to many of us that’s a lifetsyle change.  Yea the Natural hair movement will gain even more traction with newer members but calling it a trend needs to stop. A trend is something that moves or changes.  Our natural hair?  No changes on that but what we choose to do with it…yea, that’s where you see the changes.  

There were quite a few trends that surfaced in 2013 and many were stylish and funky while others were sad and uninteresting. Either way, trends come and go but some seem to stick around for a few years.

I’m sorry but we cannot always rely on the fashion circuit to see what’s gonna be haute for natural hair.  Sometimes we gotta go take a look at street style to get our inspirations or even on the blogs and Tumblr.  If you check out Fashion Week for 2014 many of the styles are straight or intricate braided styles. 

Donna Karen
Espion Atelier
Lela Rose

We did get to see some curls or waves but it appears it was achieved on relaxed hair. 

Reema Acra
Kimberly Goldson
Naeem Kahn

We did get to see some more natural styles at Fashion week even if they weren’t as bold or as trendy as we’ve seen in the past or even just on street style.

Despite the letdown of Fashion Week we can find great styles that surfaced in 2013 on Natural hair just about anywhere else and I’m just curious on which ones will be coming back or just dying out gracefully.   

Ombre hair
Shaved side or sides 
Bold and vibrant hair colors
Hair chalk 

These are just a few trends that graced street style and natural hair blogs, tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.  

Ombre hair (Pinterest)
Hair chalk (Pinterest)
Hair chalk (Pinterest)
Shaved sides (Pinterest)

I could go and on dolls but you get the point and I am not trying to make this post go on forever.  We did the damn thing last year and who’s to say all of these styles will die out?  Not me.

I think we’ll see the shaved sides a little longer as well as the hair chalk.  The bright colors might go away to more pastels or calmer colors and I’m kinda hoping the ombre hair leaves but one never knows do they? I’ll be checking my normal spots to see what pops us and if something new catches your eye let me know so I can share and see who’s rocking it.  

Don’t expect me to share in the new trends as I’m a classic Natural and stick to my wash and go and usual colors.  Hey, I’m just the messenger and love the looks from afar.  Pretty excited about 2014 and what it has to offer the Naturals.  Aren’t you?

Take care Natural trend-setters,


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