Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Holidays are over - Getting back to your Natural Hair Routines

Holidays are over - Getting back to your Natural Hair Routines

Nobody needs this post more than me. I fell off my Natural hair routines and schedules like I had no plan or purpose for my hair. It was like I wanted to unravel all the successes I accomplished in 2013. Thanksgiving was so simple that I just assumed Christmas would be the same but I was wronger than wrong.  

What had happened was:
Everyone in the house got sick.
I was in a car accident. (I'm OK)
I am trying a new writing/blogging system
I got super lazy.

All that added up to me neglecting my hair, the routines I established and skipping all my good practices.  When I finally realized my error (about a few days ago) I panicked.  I didn't want to stop the best hair year I ever had. 2013 gave me the best length retention and moisture since I've been on the Natural hair journey and it would be stupid to just stop now.  

If I look back to last January I probably did the exact same thing.  The holidays are fun but they always end and just like the kids go back to school, we have to go back to our daily routines.  I've already discussed Natural hair mistakes of 2013 and soon I'll discuss how I achieved maximum growth last year.  I want the same if not more from this year so with only three weeks into 2014 I will stop fooling around and do what is needed to make that happen. 

See this as a reminder or even a catalyst for you to find what routines you need to get you and your hair in the best place possible.  As always, learn from my mistakes because I plan to!

Get crackin Naturals,

**I should have mentioned what I stopped doing.  I stopped using my spray bottle and opted for tap water (scandalous!) I stopped doing my tea rinses and I was washing hair when I wanted to as opposed to when I NEEDED to.  I was a bad Sabrina!

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