Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do not fear your excellence!

Do not fear your excellence!
This is not a product review or an interview. This is a reminder to all the women that read this blog to stave off the average and embrace your excellence.

A fellow blogger shared this video with a group and I had to watch it to understand the comments.  She was hailed as inspiring, refreshing and encouraging. Well, after I saw the video I had to agree.  Well, let me back up. At first it seemed she was a little rough around the edges but then I had to think about myself for a minute...I'm pretty rough around the edges as well.  I too am direct and going a million miles a minute in my head with whatever I am doing.  Yes, we may have different personalities but our directness is the same.

This is the first episode of curlBOX TV and the CEO and Founder of curlBOX, Myleik Teele, sits down to discuss "Rules, Rumors & What She Really Thinks of Criticism".  I've heard of curlBOX but not the controversy she discusses in the video but that's not even the point really.  The point is her take on excellence. 

 "You go be average with your average friends, we over here being excellent"
-Myleik Teele

That is my favorite quote of the video. She allows others to stay where they feel comfortable while she is living her best, taping into her excellence and getting things done.  Sometimes we are not even aware of our own power. We are so busy living and loving and working and doing that we cannot see who we really are SUPPOSED to be. 

Do not fear your excellence.  Grab your desire, your dreams and your goals and step up and make them happen.  You know there is more out here for you so take it and own your success.  Tap into your creativity and become the person you want to be and watch your excellence soar.  Corny?  Yea, but it's true.  

I wanted to share this video with all of you as you embark on your Thursday. I hope it gives you the inspiration to do whatever it is that you've left on the back burner far too long.  It has for me.

Own your excellence Naturals,


  1. Thank you for sharing this! So encouraging!!

  2. You are very welcome. Thanks for commenting.


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