Friday, October 4, 2013

Bringing something fresh and new to Seriously Natural

By now, many of you have already noticed the beautiful new logo gracing my blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.  I just wanted to announce the changes that took place and discuss what is happening as well as what will be coming up in the near future.

I've been blogging for three years this upcoming December and my blog has gone through some changes along the way.  While I mainly discuss Natural hair, I do have other very important interests that I love sharing with all of you.  I've been slowly revamping the blog to discuss more DIY, wellness, beauty and style but all the while knowing I was lacking in the area of my brand or my logo.  It's not always easy to express what you want when your area of artistic ability is in the written word and NOT in designing or drawing. Finding the right person who can tap into your spirit and bring out who you are and what you feel is so important!  

I was lucky enough to meet a very resourceful, very open group of Natural hair bloggers through a group on Facebook.  As we shared our tips, we also shared our talents and one such beautiful talented blogger/graphic designer I met was NeoshaGee of www.hasneounique.com.  Let me tell you...she's a graphic designer you NEED TO KNOW!

Bold, vibrant, excellent usage of color, exciting, bringing sites to life....these are all words and phrases that express what NeoshaGee can do to a logo or a website.  When I began looking at her Portfolio, I noticed how professional, stylish and relevant her work was.  I was instantly impressed and not just by her work but by her PRICES.  She's reasonable and no, I am not just saying that.  Whether you are already established or even just starting out you can afford her services.  

Here's what she has had to say about her business:

"I design from the outside looking in. In other words, when I wanted great design before creating this business, I had no clue where to start so when I design for others, I give them the things I once had to search high and low for. That's great service, super affordable prices, great ideas, various resources, and a design that says LOOK AT ME NOW, OHHHH *Chris Brown Voice*" NeoshaGee

She has a wealth of information on her site along with classes she offers teaching blog design.  She also has Giveaways and they are worth watching out for.  Her last one was a Custom Logo Design Giveaway and I won!!  Within days of winning, we were discussing what I wanted and I let her do her magic. What she came up with is what you see above...now tell me you are NOT impressed!!!  Please let her know I sent you as word of mouth is her bread and butter. 

I plan to take this blog to the next level with more posts on beauty, style and wellness but of course, there will ALWAYS posts on natural hair.  There is more to come and I am so grateful to NeoshaGee as well as all my readers for your support and love.  I know it's kinda early but I gotta tell you Naturals....I see GREAT things in store for us in 2014.  

Can you see it too?  

Take care Naturals,

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