The winner of the Nettles Growth stimulating hair tea!!!


I’m excited to announce the winner of the Nettles Growth stimulating hair tea:


Stephanie is the big winner of the Nettles hair tea and I cannot wait to hear how she likes it and what it can do for her hair. She’s already been contacted and whether she uses it as a rinse or her spray bottle (or like me and both) she will be happy to give this a try.  

Thanks goes out to everyone who entered and Natural Hair Community and I am truly thankful for all the participants to the giveaway.  We especially appreciate all the likes to our social media pages on FB, Twitter and Pinterest.
Didn’t win?  Don’t fret because I am STILL hosting giveaways!!!  I’ve got at least 2 in the works so don’t run off to fast.  Keep checking in to the blog or become a follower through google or Facebook so you won’t miss the fun!

Take care Naturals,


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