Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NB: 50 Shades Of Beige: An Open Letter to Cosmetics Brands

Who hasn't wondered why they couldn't find a foundation color to match her brown, copper, black, caramel skin color?  I know I have and if you are looking for a less expensive brand you can pretty much forget it.  It's not just even about the gotta get the UNDERTONES right too!  It's a hassle and it's wrong that women of color (all shades mind you) struggle everyday wishing and wanting to see a color that WE could wear that doesn't have us looking like a damn ghosts!  I know it ain't just me...

Natural Belle is about tired of this as well and wrote an open letter to cosmetic brands and it is so worth reading.  You can read it through the link below: 

Natural Belle: 50 Shades Of Beige: An Open Letter To Cosmetics Br...: Wearing a CC cream that is apparently self adjusting It's been one of those morning, I have ranted and raved over this subject...

I've found the right color and undertone by using the Make UP Forever brand I get from Sephora.  It ain't cheap but I don't want to look like a ghost or a red-faced fool so I pay the $42  for a 1.01 fluid oz. bottle.  Yea, that's my reality as a woman of color.  What's your take no the letter and the issue?

It just ain't right Naturals,

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